BMGEN in Chile

March 11th, 2018

“El pasado 9 y 10 de marzo, Yves Pigneur, uno de los creadores del modelo y libro Business Model Canvas junto a Alexander Osterwalder, estuvo en Chile para dar unas charlas gratuitas sobre los nuevos avances que ha realizado en el ámbito del estudio de los modelos de negocio para las empresas del futuro.

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Innovation Playground

March 9th, 2018

Meeting with Sam Schneider (CustomFuture) on the Innovation Playground and evolution of the ABC concept (Amenity, Brand, Culture). The book begins to take shape …


Entrepreneurs’ Stories

March 7th, 2018

Laurent Haug (blog) organise une fête pour célébrer la fin de tournage de Entrepreneurs’ Stories, émission qui va passer dès la semaine prochaine sur la RTS

” … aventure incroyable: le tournage de 11 épisodes à travers la Suisse à la rencontre d’entrepreneur(se)s qui, chacun(e) à leur façon, contribuent positivement au développement de notre société. Nous leur avons demandé de nous raconter leurs aventures, leurs succès, leur défis, dans le but de montrer aux jeunes générations que l’entrepreneuriat est un choix de vie extra-ordinaire, passionnant et exigeant, rempli de contradictions et de bonheurs.


February 27th, 2018

Discussion with Cédric Duchêne and Nicolas Henchoz, EPFL+ECAL Lab, about the project Montreux Jazz Heritage Lab II, and the master project for Alexandre Truan



February 25th, 2018

article “Brand Identity Ontology” presented by Dina Elikan at VMBO’2018, hosted by Vrij Universiteit (Jaap Gordijn) at Amsterdam


Increasingly, information systems have a business and consumer value aspect. For example, end-user services such as Netflix and Spotify actually are information systems that produce economic value directly. In this edition of VMBO, we are seeking contributions that discuss the influence of new business insights (e.g. service-dominant logic) on information system design and the other way around. (program)

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CfP – Developing visual collaborative tools

February 24th, 2018

Call for Papers – Minitrak “Developing Visual Collaborative Tools” at HICSS 2019 (in Collaboration systems and technology), chaired with Stéphanie Missonier & Kalle Lyytinen, w/ Dina Elikan and Hazbi Avdiji.


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BMGEN à JobTreck

February 21st, 2018

atelier pour Jobtrek, une fondation suisse qui offre aux jeunes en difficulté professionnelle une nouvelle perspective (web)


New book …

February 16th, 2018

Join us and work directly with Alex & me on our next book on the world’s best business models and our new tools for managing innovation.


Designing Service Systems at EPFL

February 14th, 2018

Thesis defence by Gorica Tapandjieva, entitled “Designing, Aligning and Visualizing Service Systems”, supervised by Prof. Alain Wegmann at EPFL.

“Our main result is an ontology for SEAM service-modeling. Our contributions are the heuristics that define how the ontology relates to the perceived reality: they focus on behavior rather than organization and put an emphasis on service instances rather than service types. We also define alignment based on properties of the systems’ behavior. This thesis shows that it is possible to model an organization by implementing the concept of service as defined by our ontology. This ontology supports the design of service systems that align across both IT and business services. As we worked with over a hundred IT services, we provide a series of visualization prototypes of a service cartography to describe and relate the different views required to manage services.

online course on BM testing

February 7th, 2018

Offsite with Strategyzer content team who is preparing a new online course on business model testing


18  years of collaboration & friendship with Alex …  (tweet)