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Thank You For Helping Us Win An “Oscar Of Management Thinking

Friday, November 13th, 2015

Blog post on Strategyzer by Alex


This Monday, [Yves and Alex] were awarded the #15 spot and the 2015 Strategy Award by the Thinkers50 ranking of management thinking. [we] wanted to share a quick thank you to everyone who believed in our work and mission to change the way companies think about business innovation, strategy, and entrepreneurship (more) …

with Rita McGrath (previous winner)

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Gamified methods to develop creative ideas for business

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

Seminar by Prof. Hélène Michel, EM Grenoble, FT Professor of the Week (bio)

The really exciting trends in serious games reverse the classical top-down learning process. The best serious games don’t just facilitate knowledge transfer, they facilitate innovation too. The 57,000 players of the virtual puzzle “Foldit” are contributing to scientific research on different diseases through protein folding, as well as learning about molecular biology. Business leaders often talk about their desire to tap into their employees’ knowledge; serious games provide a great means to achieve this. The challenge now for organisations is to make the most of this best practice, flip the knowledge transfer process, and innovate through gaming. This talk will present key concepts of gamification and provide several examples of gamification and games for innovation processes. More specifically the gamified method “Cubification” to develop innovative ideas for business will be tested and discussed.

Thinkers50 Strategy Award

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

Honored to receive with great friend Alex the Thinkers50 Strategy award (web) and to be selected #15 among the selected 50 top thinkers (ranking)

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Press Release here

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announcement by BMInc here
article in Business Insider here, in Inc. here
press release by Wiley here

dans Le Temps ici, l’Agefi ici et Bilan ici
mais aussi annoncé par HEC sur son site web et Unil web
(in English on HEC website)
sur le site de HEC Montréal ici

Dans l’émission Toutes Taxes Comprises (TTC)

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Qualitative research methods in IS

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

CUSO seminar at HEC Lausanne by Prof. Benjamin Müller, University of Groningen

The course will introduce students to concepts and techniques associated with designing and conducting and/or evaluating empirical research of predominantly qualitative character. Beyond introducing students to the principal foundations and historic development of qualitative research, the course focuses on issues of research design (especially data collection and data analysis) and interpretation methods (PDF)

VPDesign au Québec

Saturday, October 31st, 2015

compte-rendu de VPDesign par Tatiana Yakovenko, dans Club de lecture Affaires (web)

Comment créer des produits ou des services qui intéressent vos clients? Commencez par concevoir la proposition de valeur ! Dans les lignes qui suivent, je vous dévoilerai le livre intitulé Value Proposition Design, un guide pratique d’innovation pour ceux qui veulent augmenter leur revenu et se différencier sur le marché grâce à l’approche innovante centrée sur l’expérience client. (more)

Titiana a développé une imagerie originale pour représenter l’écosystème de VPDesign


Culture map at London

Thursday, October 29th, 2015

Lean Startup Circle meet up on “How  improve your company’s innovation culture” (web) w/ Alex, at Pivotal Labs (web)

 Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 19.38.08

Created in collaboration with David Gray, the Culture Map helps you spark these critical conversations. You can map out cultural taboos that are holding you and your company back. Take charge. Take ownership of flaccid intra-company relationships and complexities … (web)

Culture_map   see a post on the Strategyzer blog here

Model-driven engineering of user interfaces

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

Seminar by Jean Vanderdonckt, UCL, ACM Distinguished Speaker (bio)

In order to be relieved from empirical and opportunistic development of user interfaces and to promote a genuine and rigorous approach throughout the development life cycle, model-driven engineering of user interfaces is typically structured along three dimensions: (1). Conceptual modelling of user interfaces and interaction: models should capture the essence of what user interfaces and interaction will be and should be compliant with a meta-model expressing its semantics ; abstract and concrete syntaxes could then be defined to express these semantics, typically through a User Interface Description Language (UIDL); stylistics study how such syntaxes could be graphically conveyed. (2). Step-wise and structured approach: a set of rules and general principles should guide the modelling approach in order to master all the steps required to achieve the full development life cycle, and(3). Software tools: a software suite is expected to support the aforementioned step-wise approach in order to properly conduct the development life cycle.

This lecture provides a retrospective view on model-based and model-driven engineering of user interfaces since its inception and sketches some prospective views to their future avenues, based on experience gained with the User Interface eXtensible Markup Language (UsiXML) experience

Culture map

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015

Fruitful chat with Dave Gray and Alex  “to make a few tweaks to the Culture Map”

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 08.01.15(PDF)

Culture Map

Thursday, August 6th, 2015

Dave and Strategyzer have been working to design the Culture Map (web), a tool that organizations can use to assess, map and transform their cultures. We have been testing with individuals and teams for two years now and so far the feedback has been tremendously positive. It’s a tool that invites deep reflection.

Dave Gray will be holding three one-day Culture Mapping Masterclasses in Australia, hosted by Business Models Inc and presented by Wildwon. Dave Gray, is the author of business books Gamestorming and The Connected Company; he is also founder of XPLANE (more). Watch this video by Dave on the Culture Map here.


Alex will be giving a talk at Business of Software (BOS), Boston, for introducing the Culture Map, a hands-on concept to systematically assess & design organizational culture. Participants will learn about and apply this tools to assess their own culture and improve it (more).


 Previous post on Culture Map here.

Business Plan, to do or not to do?

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

Provocative article in Entrepreneur, entitled “3 Ways Untested Business Plans Are Worse Than a Waste of Time”

“Business plans, when introduced early on in an innovation exercise, are a dangerous document to create. It’s simply the wrong tool for the task and it might even lead to an expensive lesson in failure. Businesses need to throw out the business plan during the early stages of validating an idea, and instead take small, quick, incremental steps to test their business idea in the market (more).

Aligned with the one of the Lessons Learned reminded in “Value Proposition Design” :Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 10.21.42