feedback on TIC

3 feedback of CEOs of large companies about The Invincible Company


“Thank you for the – as always – inspiring book, that I read during my summer holidays. There are so many topics that are relevant to us and to the industry overall. In the description of the explore/exploit stretch you really capture the challenges that we and probably most incumbents experience.

“The Invincible Company is on my desk…in the best possible strategic position…this to make sure that all my companies become invincible…and – even more important – to contribute on an “Invincible Planet”. It’s a very inspiring book…layout…pictures…quotes…examples…and much more (that I’m looking forward to discovering). You both have really hit very hard with this book: a full home – run that will stay in the minds of a lot of CEOs and entrepreneurs. You can be proud !

“Je viens de lire avec beaucoup d’intérêt et de plaisir l’ouvrage [The Invincible Company]. C’est à la fois très inspirant et suffisamment concret pour donner de vrais repères.

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