Keynote on Business model innovation at ETH, invited by Jonas Van Hove, Chair of Entrepreneurship (web)


In this interactive and hands-on seminar, Prof. Dr. Yves Pigneur will introduce Business Model Design. Business model innovation and industry changes will be illustrated with examples such as Nespresso, AirBnB, Tesla and AWS. Design thinking attitude will also be emphasized for exploring and prototyping business models. Participants will learn the latest on how to design and test business models and value propositions to decrease the risks of innovation. He will, in particular, get participants to apply the concepts and canvases to map out business models and value propositions. Finally, the synergy between the business model canvas, lean startup and customer development will be presented for testing business models.

in the words of a PhD student taking the course “one of the best guest lectures ever at ETH Zurich”.

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