Berlin Business Summit

Business Design Summit, an exclusive event for 250 visionary leaders, executives,entrepreneurs, and consultants at Classic Remise (web) Berlin on April 19-20, 2013 … Great event! Great logistics! Great venue!


“Whether building new businesses or re-inventing existing ones, all leaders need practical strategies to navigate today’s ruthless business environment. You need tools, not talk.

A few authors, visionaries and world-class entrepreneurs recognize this. They are creating a new business toolbox and playbook to help you meet the demands of your market. They are developing tools that radically reduce your risk, increase your teams performance, clarify your strategy, boost your innovation efforts, discover what your customers really want, and more. … (more)

with great authors and speakers
Steve Blank (The startup-owner manual)
Henry Chesbrough (Open innovation)
Dave Gray (Gamestorming)
Rita Gunther McGrath (The end of competitive advantage)
Luke Hohmann (Innovation games)
Mark Johnson (Seizing the white space)
Lisa Kay Salomon (Moments of impact)
Stefano Mastrogiacomo (The lords of management)
David Sibbet (Visual meetings) and
Alex, Alan, Pat, Tim and Yves (Business model generation)

And several workshops, with great sketchers …

Wrap-up of the first day (by Christian Rangen) …

A blog post by Paul Hobcraft on the summit.

A recap by Mike …

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