BMGEN at New Huadu

Talk on business model innovation (’?’?’?’?’?’?’?’?’?’?) at the New Huadu Business School (web)

“The New Huadu Business School is a public institution of higher learning funded by the Fujian New Huadu Charity Foundation. (…) Pursuing a vision to “become a world-class business school with Chinese implications’, The New Huadu Business School is committed to training young Chinese for innovative abilities and entrepreneurial spirits, and to injecting fundamental momentum into the Chinese economy. (more)

Edmund Phelps, the winner of the 2006 Nobel Prize in Economics, is the Dean of New Huadu Business School since April 2010.

The talk aims at learning about and applying the Business Model Canvas, a practical visual language, to describe, challenge, and design business models. The concepts will be illustrated by examples of business model innovation. Design thinking attitude is also emphasized for exploring, prototyping and testing business models. The links with other strategic management objects (value chain, SWOT analysis, 5 forces, jobs-to-be-done, Blue Ocean Strategy, ’) will be discussed.

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