Best business models in China summit

Keynote speech “How to design a business model?” and panel with entrepreneurs at Beijing for the Eighth best business model China summit - ’?’?’? ’?’?’?’?’?’?’?’?’?’? (web) invited by Hu Hao, Chief Editor of Business Review

“Business Review”, belonging to the Business Media Group, is a high-end finance and management magazine. As an extensive MBA readings, it is the first magazine that lucubrates the micro economic in China and takes the lead in bringing in the idea of business model to observe the enterprise. And it holds an activity called the “Best business model summit in China’, which has already became the most high-end forum of business model in China.

Business media, the most influential commercial and finance journal group in China, contains 5 of the most popular commercial and finance magazines – Business, Business Review, Business Mode, Family & Handcraft. The issues of its magazines cover the whole nation and the Chinese regions in Europe, North American and Southeast Asia, which advanced the development of China’s economy and helped the Chinese business culture rise rapidly.


The visual Business Model Canvas helps entrepreneurs to design, challenge and evaluate their business models. The concepts are illustrated by examples of business model innovation, such as Apple iPod, Nespresso and SunEdison in the solar industry. Design thinking attitude and techniques are emphasized for exploring, prototyping and testing business models.

programme (web)


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