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December 6th, 2018



December 6th, 2018

“Carte blanche à Yves Pigneur” interactive lors du colloque IMAGINE, organisé par Le Temps, à l’Ecole HEAD, Genève

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Drucker Forum

November 29th, 2018

10th Global Peter Drucker Forum at Vienna, with Alex


in 2 sessions:
“Strategy in the face or reality”  and
“Human Questions, Machine answers: the Blended Future of Work” (video)

One of the first time I present on stage our Culture Map, developed with Alex and Dave Gray.

“Don’t let your company culture just happen”

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collaboration with Alex

November 26th, 2018

A 18-year story with Alex …

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BMGEN et banque

November 21st, 2018

mini-atelier pour la direction générale d’une institution financière cantonale

Des modèles d’affaires disruptifs transforment le paysage concurrentiel de nombreux secteurs. Comment se positionner dans ce paysage ? Comment transformer ses idées d’entreprise en propositions devaleur innovantes et en modèles d’affaires performants ? Comment maitriser des outils et techniques efficaces, simples et éprouvés pour analyser, élaborer et évaluer ces propositions de valeur et ces modèles d’affaires? 

Our Next Book: The Invincible Company

November 19th, 2018

We’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with publishers Wiley for a third time to write the sequel to Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Design–The Invincible Company (working title). Take a look at what our new book will offer, and sign-up to be notified as we get closer to publishing! (see Strategyzer’s blogpost)

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INVENT new business models

Learn about exploring new ideas, inventing new business models, the supporting framework to rigorously test them in a simple and practical way, and metrics to show how you are reducing risk & uncertainty pre-revenue.

IMPROVE existing business models

Learn how to manage and improve the businesses you already have. Understand how much profit your existing business models generate, assess its sustainability or disruption risk, and point out any synergies or conflicts between your other business models.

MANAGE a portfolio of BMs

Learn how to systematically invent, improve and manage your business models all under the same roof to build a balanced portfolio which builds on our Portfolio Map tool.

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Ignite that Spark

November 19th, 2018

Launch of Michel Jordi’s book « Ignite that Spark », foreword by André Borschberg (Solar Impulse), at University College London (UCL), London

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The Innovation Playground

November 9th, 2018

Our weekly meeting with Sam Schneider on The Innovation Playground

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Beqom gagne le prix SVC 2018

November 8th, 2018

Pour information:

Ce soir au SwissTech, BEQOM, créée par deux anciens de notre master en SI (DPIO), Fabio Ronga (CEO) et Yves Steinhauser, a remporté le Prix Swiss Venture Club (SVC) 2018. Beqom est un éditeur logiciel spécialisé dans la réalisation de ERP de gestion des rémunérations pour les grandes entreprises (dont Microsoft worldwide),

IMG_1910   IMG_1917

Les autres finalistes (sur 80 PME) étaient
- Flyability (spinoff EPFL)
- Fondarex
- Abionic (spin-off EPFL)
- Léguriviera
- Loyco (un ancien HEC aussi)

Pour ceux qui s’en souviennent, Fabio et Yves étaient venus présenter Beqom à HEC lors de l’anniversaire des 30 ans du DPIO, en 2015.


Strategyzer masterclass

November 6th, 2018

Strategyzer masterclass by Alex at Boston