BM portfolios

July 20th, 2017

Mini offsite and work session on business model portfolios with Alex in La Sage, birthplace of our first bestseller :-)

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An Open Letter To CEOs

July 18th, 2017

Blog post on Strategyzer

Thinkers50, the Oscars of management thinking, asked Alex and I to write a letter to CEOs who are faced with the challenge of creating new and transformative growth inside their companies. This is our message to them.


Dear CEO,

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BMGEN & VPDesign on Amazon

July 12th, 2017

Our two books BMGEN & VPDesign rank #1 and #2 in Strategic Business Planning on Amazon …

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Human and Ontological View Workshop

July 6th, 2017

Talks at the workshop in honour of the retirement of Prof. Izak Benbasat and Prof. Yair Wand at UBC, Vancouver (event)

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“From a human point of view, there are different views of an information system. However, both reflect how people think about an IS. The Human view investigates how people interact with aspects of an IS. The ontological view considers that an IS reflect a reality – and uses an ontology to specify what might be represented (more)

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Letter to the CEO

July 5th, 2017

Thinkers50 is launching a new book “Dear CEO - 50 Personal Letters from the World’s Leading Business Thinkers” (extract), we coauthored one of them with Alex …

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30% discount: go to bloomsbury and quote DEAR30 at the checkout

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Summer school on management of creativity (5)

July 2nd, 2017

BMGEN/VPDesign workshop at the MOSAIC Summer School on Management of Creativity in an Innovation Society  (program), organised by Patrick Cohendet, Laurent Simon & Lucy Stojak, given at and with Le Cirque du Soleil


“The Summer School offers a unique and privileged opportunity for 60 participants from different countries and backgrounds to explore and compare two ecosystems in creative and innovative cities, Montreal and Barcelona, as well as to tap into new sources of inspiration on how to create environments that stimulate innovation. (more)


BM transformations

June 29th, 2017

Following a fruitful discussion with Luis Cisneros about the evolution of business models, specifically in family business, I sketched out a framework and a typology of business model transformations, that I refined, illustrated and presented at the Strategyzer bootcamp.

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Business Architecture

June 27th, 2017

meeting with Pierre Haday and Bernard Gagnon, authors of  “Business Architecture – The Missing Link in Strategy Formulation, Implementation and Execution”

“The goal of this book is to describe what business architecture is; how it can help meet the challenge of formulating, implementing and executing an organization’s strategy; and how to build and exploit a superior strategy management system that leverages business architecture (more)


Strategyzer bootcamp

June 26th, 2017

The 5-day Train the Trainers Bootcamp by Alex in Baden, for business coaches who want to get to the next level in business model/value proposition design and Lean Startup, and to learn about the trade secrets Strategyzer has developed based on global bestsellers Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Design (web)

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CfP AIM’2018

June 26th, 2017

23ième Colloque de l’Association Information & Management, du 16 au 18 mai 2018 à Montréal sur le thème de « Rapprochons les communautés TI francophones »

Le colloque a pour ambition d’une part de rapprocher les communautés TI francophones que l’on retrouve notamment dispersées en Europe, Afrique du Nord et Amérique du Nord et d’autre part, les professionnels et les universitaires spécialistes des TI

Appel à publications (AIM2018)