Strategyzer team

May 26th, 2015

The wining team assembled by Alex, with Alan and Peter, in order to “put practical tools into the hands of every business strategy practitioner”.


BMGEN dans la revue Gestion

May 26th, 2015

article dans un numéro spécial de la revue Gestion sur les modèles d’affaires innovants, par Jacqueline Cardinal, « Yves Pigneur et le Business Model Generation : un modèle d’affaires au service d’un livre… ou vice versa ? », Gestion 2015/1 (Vol. 40), p. 47-53.

RIGES_401_L204     bmgenGestion


Visite à HEC Montréal

May 26th, 2015

Accueil chaleureux à HEC Montréal après un an déjà, content de revoir des amis montréalais, BMGEN/VPDesign toujours bien présents à l’Institut d’entrepreneuriat (web) et … à la Coop  :-)


VPDesign at UBC SEI

May 18th, 2015

Talk on May 20th at UBC Centre for Social Innovation & Impact Investing (S3I) at the Sauder School of Business, together with Interface Health society (web), organised by Angèle Beausoleil and d-studio (web)


s3i   ih

In this talk with hands-on exercises Yves Pigneur will introduce the latest Business Model Innovation and Lean Startup tools. Participants will learn the latest on how to design and test business models and value propositions with illustration in social business. He will, in particular, get participants to apply the concepts and tools from his new book with Alex, “Value Proposition Design”.

Short discussion with entrepreneurs, Max and Arnaud, founders of Wize Monkey (web), and Laurence Buchan, founder of Arbutus Medical (web), which designs and delivers low cost surgical equipment,such as the “Drill Cover”. See this 2-min video here

BMGEN devient mainstream ?

May 15th, 2015

Une idée lausannoise a connu un succès mondial
“Alex Osterwalder et Yves Pigneur, ont la cote auprès des entreprises suisses. Leur idée avait d’abord connu un succès mondial avant de percer en Suisse. (more)


May 13th, 2015

Research seminar at UBC Sauder School of business (web), invited by Yair Wand and Hasan Cavusoglu. The seminar aims at presenting the evolution of BMGEN research, visualised by the following picture:


Designing business models and similar strategic objects: a design science approach

Based on our work and experience in the field of business models, we suggest that the current research focus in strategic management and entrepreneurship could be improved and enlightened by some of the more conceptual and design-oriented research. We highlight three areas in particular in which design science research has excelled that could inform research in strategic management. The first area concerns the identification, formalization, and visualization of the core constructs and models of interest related to the design and analysis of strategic business issues. The second area corresponds to the exploration of how design thinking techniques and tools might contribute to improving the design and prototyping of alternatives to strategic business questions. The third area addresses the research in computer-aided design assisting the process of designing strategic management objects such as business models.

Osterwalder, A., Pigneur, Y. (2013) Designing business models and similar strategic objects: the contribution of IS. Journal of AIS, 14(5), 237-244.

back to Vancouver

May 13th, 2015

back to Vancouver, for a short visit at UBC, 10 years after our sabbatical in 2004



IMG_6014   at Vancouver airport

30ème anniversaire du DPIO et MscIS

May 10th, 2015

Soirée très réussie pour célébrer les 30 ans du DPIO, notre master en systèmes d’information, avec une présentation de TED par Bruno Giussani, European Director, et des témoignages d’anciens étudiants du DPIO:

Fabio Ronga et Yves Steinhauser, fondateur et CEO de Beqom
Claude Philipona & Luc Maurer, Fondateurs & CEO de CampToCamp
Alex Osterwalder, fondateur et CEO de Strategyzer
Didier Schwarz, fondateur et CEO de Wicard
Véronique Athané, COO de MPS Micro Precision Systems
Taha Ben Mrad, fondateur et PDG de Simalaya
Francois Briod, fondateur CEO Tawipay
Christian Wanner, fondateur et ex-CEO de LeShop

“En 1984, HEC Lausanne lance une nouvelle formation, le Diplôme Postgrade en Informatique et Organisation (DPIO). Aujourd’hui, ordinateurs, smartphones et tablettes sont au coeur des entreprises, transformant ainsi l’informatique en moteur de l’innovation et de l’entrepreneuriat. (30ans).


Bye bye Tokyo

April 27th, 2015

A marvellous visit in Tokyo, with warm welcome by 山本 伸 Shin Yamamoto, Noboru 紺野登 Konno, 堀井 秀之 Hideyuki Horii, 瓜田 忍 Shinobu Urita and all the friends …


Several meetings, keynotes  and workshops at the University of Tokyo, for entrepreneurs, Business Model Innovation Association, Japan Innovation Network, large corporations (Nec, Panasonic and Sony), and the launch event of the Japanese translation of VPDesign, organised by the publisher Shoesha.

But also visits at Nikko, Naoshima (splendid museums designed by Tado Ando), Tehsima (gorgeous building/sculpture by the Saana bureau; I understand better the inspiration of the Rolex Learning Center at Lausanne) and Hiroshima this year.

slideshare slideshare

VPDesign at Todai

April 23rd, 2015

Seminar at the University of Tokyo (TODAI), invited by Prof. Hideyuki Horii, head of the iSchool and inventor of a creativity process.

Fruitful discussion with Kinya Tagawa, creative director and co-founder of takram design engineering, an award-winning design engineer experienced in a wide range of products including hardware, software and interactive art (more); Kinya is also visiting professor at Royal college of Art.

The workshop aims at presenting the Business Model Canvas and the Value Proposition Canvas for designing, assessing and challenging business models and their value propositions. Design thinking attitude will also be emphasized for exploring and prototyping business models. Finally, the synergy between the business model canvas, lean startup and customer development will be briefly presented for testing business models.