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Not losing their bearings

Some may remember the temporary removal of the LIttle Mermaid from the Copenhagen harbor so that it could be showcased at the Shanghai Expo in 2010.

The friendship between Denmark and China may well be entering a new stage. A recent article by the Wall Street Journal draws attention on the diplomatic courting by Danemark who apparently supports giving China permanent membership on the Arctic Council.

If geography serves me right (and unless the earth was suddenly to tilt on its axis), China’s latitude does not exactly qualify it as an Arctic Ocean Coastal State. There is of course China’s scientific interest in the sea. But to really explain this rapprochement one needs to search no further than economics. The Arctic is indeed home to countless minerals. In addition, the summer route between Shanghai and Hamburg (via the Bering Strait) is 6400 kilometers shorter than via the Suez Canal, reducing both time and cost for shipping goods by sea.