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China’s most valuable brands

Brandz has published its annual ranking of China’s most valuable brands.

While there is not much change at the top of the list, one may nonetheless be surprised by two aspects: First, it is the overwhelming presence of the State. In fact, except for Baidu and Tencent (active in the Internet), all firms are state-owned and belong either to the telecommunications, financial or natural resources sector. Second, Huawei is absent from the list.

The Chinese ranking is somewhat different from the global BrandZ ranking where one finds a mix of fast-moving consumer goods (Coca-Cola. McDonalds  and Marlboro), technology products and services (Apple, IBM, Microsoft and Google) as well as industry (GE). The other difference lies in the valuation of the brands: China Mobile whose value is estimated at more than USD 50 billion comes only 9th in the global ranking. The most likely explanation for this is that, even with the huge domestic market, Chinese firms tend to remain at home. How will the value of Chinese brands grow once the firms start ti make serious inroads abroad?