World’s tallest dam

With the gigantic Three Gorges Dam China had managed to break a number of world record, including the highest number of displaced people and the fastest filling reservoir. Chinese engineers will now be exporting their newly gained mastery over water and attempt to reach new heights.

In what appears to be an increasingly solid friendship China has signed a deal with Iran to build the world’s tallest dam in south west Iran. With a height of 315 meters and the capacity to produce 1,500 Megawatts of electricity (slightly more than the “average” nuclear reactor) the dam shall contain 4.8 billion cubic meters of water.

Priced at USD 2 billion, 15% of the project will be undertaken by the Iranian partner and the rest by Sinohydro. The deal follows the project to build more than 5000 kilometers of railway for USD 13 billion. One can just imagine whether the Chinese firms will get paid in cash or in “liquid”.