Weibo 2.0

Meet Weibo!

It is a Chinese version of Twitter – it literally means micro-blog – that expects around 150 million users by the end of 2011.

Helped by the diffusion of mobile phones with advanced features, the number of micro-bloggers in China is expected to grow extremely fast in the coming years thanks to the 10 million users joining every… month. Its top 100 users have a whopping 180 million of followers.

And Twitter in all of this? Well, like Facebook, it remains officially blocked for the time being in China, except for a handful of sophisticated users who can route around the firewall. That said, like with other web applications (e.g., search engines) the Chinese version looks very much like the original non-Chinese version but with added features that better match Chinese users’ needs – for instance, Chinese users tend to enjoy following celebrities’ micro-blogs.

My wish for micro-blogs? A service that translates them in the language of your choice.