No Facebook in China

Not so long ago, one would look at NASA’s satellite to see what the earth looks like. Those stunning pictures are now rivaled by other visualization of the blue planet.


If you look closer to the visualization of Facebook friendships you won’t fail to notice that one big chunk of humanity (no, not North Korea) is missing from the picture. How come No that the country that coined relationship (guanxi) is nowhere to be seen? Of course, the fact that Facebook is currently banned in China goes a long way in explaining the conspicuous absence – the recent trip of Facebook’s founder to China may not be unrelated to an attempt to unblock the service. But even then, some home-grown social network alternatives (like Kaixin and Renren) occupy that space and may give Facebook a run for its money.P.S.: For those wondering why Japan is also missing from the map, Japanese Netizens have a very different Internet culture in which users hide behind pseudonyms and nicknames