Chinese IT developments that made news in 2010

Just before┬áNew Year’s eve the Shanghai Daily ran the list of the top IT developments in China. They are in order of appearance (and with my comments):
- Foxconn’s vague of suicides (the days of cheap and silent labour may be counted)
- Google’s redirection of traffic to Hong Kong (censorship mixed with cyber-espionnage)
- Mobile applications and online stores (the Apple business model conquers China)
- Micro-blogging (65 millions would-be commentators of China’s socio-political evolution)
- Government-supported technology projects (bad habits die hard)
- No. 1 seat in the supercomputer race (more of a symbolic than actual technological feat)
- Debut of the iPad (Apple conquers China redux)
- Overseas IPO wave (in China too technology means serious business)
- The battle between Tencent and 360 (privacy matters)
- Tang Jun’s academic scandal (fraud from a posterchild of China’s ┬áIT industry).