Chinese Wiki (维基) Leaks

It is hard to resist the temptation of peering through the Wiki Leaks sand glass and trying to find something novel about China. So, how wicked are the revelations, if at all? Well, for anybody following Chinese affairs, there isn’t much to bite on:

-  local GDP figures are man-made: nothing really new here as official Chinese statistical data, while improving, remain rather un-reliable
- the government ordered the attack on Google: here too there was a widely shared presumption that the greenlight had been given by Beijing
- China’s growing role in Africa: could Beijing really be more transparent as to its intention on the continent?
- a scenario having Seoul taking the lead in case of re-unification between the North and the South: given the thorn in China’s foot that North Korea represents, military strategist would have not been doing their job if they had not considered this alternative

Now, what would be really astounding is to have Wiki Leaks reveal cables sent by Chinese Embassies around the world.