Quantum teleportation

They did it! Well, not quite the [sci-fi] physical teleportation you may be thinking of but still a quantum leap.

According to China Brief a team of 15 researchers from Tsinghua and a Physcial Science Lab managed to extent quantum teleportation from the range of 100 meters to a distance of 16 kilometers by using a blue laser.

So what? While you may not go for a quick roundtrip to Beijing in a split second, quantum technologies have a promising future in the areas of cryptography and secure satellite communications – a distance of 16 kilometeres displays a similar degree of light distortion as from the earth to a satellite abd thus have interesting military applications.

It so happens that the Chinese scientists were not really the first to manage quantum teleportation over such a long distance – a team of US scientist reached 23 kilometers using infrared. The difference is that with a blue-laser one can also reach submarines. The [war]game is far from over.