Super bus

For an etymologic take on super – from latin “supra” meaning above – there is no need to go further than…Shenzhen, home of Hashi Future Parking Equipment.
What looks like a whale swallowing cars is in fact a project to maximize mobility on a given stretch. For now buses are “in competition” for space with cars. The super bus project aims to improve mobility (up to 30%) on a given stretch by superimposing a moving structure on top of the road. superbus2.jpg
On the one hand this may sound like a good idea given the level of road congestion in Chinese cities. On the other hand one can just imagine the chaos caused by an accident “under the bus”. We will soon be fixed as whether there is any future for the project as the superstructure will soon be tested on the outskirts of Beijing. superbusb.jpgP.S.: Link to the YouTube super bus video