More and more research from the East

Following the announcement of China climbing the research value chain, Nature is putting things into a regional perspective.
Note: The ranking are based upon papers published in Research Articles and Letters in Nature and Nature monthly research journals (excluding journals from scientific societies).

Two things are striking. First and most obvious is Japan’s overwhelming position as a leader – its domination is both attributed to the depth and breadth of its research portfolio. Second is India relative absence from the chart – except for the National Institute of Immunology which leads the ranking in  Nature’s Chemical Biology.

On the Chinese side, it is interesting to note that most of the research is conducted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) with 43 articles published in 2009 – to be fair, CAS groups numerous institutes.  Far behind comeTsinghua and Beijing University with respectively 11 and 8 articles published.

But then once again, who is to say that Nature is a good proxy for the quality of research.