Testing ground for new technologies

How things change!

In the 90s, China’s car industry was (re-)emerging: a limited number of cars were on the market. A leading model at the time was the [outdated] Santana, technologically-mature and thus posing like intellectual property risks to its owner. The turn of the century saw the choice (and the number…) of cars explode. At the same time, trying to sell anything else than a novelty was close to commercial suicide.

Nowadays, China is turning into a testing ground for [foreign] new technologies. SK Telecom even wants to enable cars to be remotely controlled and diagnosed using internet-ready smartphones with its Mobile in Vehicle (MIV) telematics platform for electric cars. The technology is already in test phase. E-eye High Tech – a subsidiary of the Korean mobile operator – has already outfitted selected petrol-based car models.

Who thought that there wouldn’t be a killer application for 4G!