SMS craze

23 billion text messages sent during the Chinese New Year holiday. 13 billion for the sole New Year’s day and eve. 1.33 billion MMS. Chinese mobile users have once again broken the previous year’s record.

The popularity of SMS is so great that operators actually had to restrict the number of text messages sent. The limit of 200 messages within an hour (or 1,000 within a day) has been extended to 500 per hour (or 2,000 per day) for holidays and week-ends – the agreement is mainly intended to combat spams.

The SMS craze is even endorsed by top-level officials. Bo Xilai, party chief of Chongqing, has reportedly sent a message bearing quotes from Mao Zedong (known as red-texting) to 3 million users in April 2009. In the end it really comes down to deciding what counts as spam…