Google is #2 (for once)

Believe it or not but there is one market where Google is not #1. Not the smallest market either. According to Analysys its share of search engine revenues in China is around 30%, or less than half of Baidu - the leading Chinese search engine, now considered as the 3rd biggest search property on the Internet.

Even more surprising is the report released this week by Google in which we learn that the most searched term among Mainland Chinese users of Google is … Baidu.  Two explanations come to mind: “googling” has already permeated the consciousness of the Chinese netizens so well that they don’t realize they are using Google to search for another search engine. A second explanation could be that Baidu uses robots to enter “Baidu” on the Google website so as to increase its ranking.

In any case, the battle between the two giants promises to be interesting!

P.S.: For those wondering, the most searched terms in 2008 were about the Sichuan earthquake, the Olympics opening ceremony and substandard milk powder…

One thought on “Google is #2 (for once)

  1. karl

    Another possibility is that some products are their search forms set on Google by default, for example Mozilla and Opera browsers. In the mobile world, it is very common to have one search engine set.

    In Japan, the portal for accessing internet is Yahoo! BB (which is not Yahoo! but a branding managed by a Japanese company), that said the search engine is the one of Yahoo! BUT one of the most important typed keywords is… Google. Opposite situation.

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