A standard for the Internet of Things?

You probably remember the strategic importance for China to become a leader in standard-setting. Mobile telephony, digital TV, wireless Internet, no technology seems to escape the appetite of Chinese engineers to participate in defining the trajectories of tomorrow’s technologies.

Their focus has now turned to the Internet of Things. Earlier last month, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s (MIIT) National IT Standardization Technical Committee has established a working group of sensor network experts to create a draft national standard for the Internet of Things.

They come in the footsteps of Europe’s Casagras project (including participants from France, the UK, Japan, Korea and…China) which aims at establishing standards for the communications and encoding used for the objects of the Internet of Things.

While China and other countries had little to say in the “standardization of the Internet”, it will be interesting to see whether a different (and functional) governance model emerges from opening participation to other countries.

P.S.: Casagras, which stands for Coordination And Support Action for Global RFID-related Activities and Standardisation, has just issued its final report on RFID and the inclusive model for the Internet of Things

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