Don't forget the elderly…

What is growing almost as fast as the Chinese economy? Its elderly population… And the headache caused by financing the [non-existing] social security of 150 million people only starts for the government: in 2050, China will count almost twive as many people age 50 than below age 20.
In the meantime, entrepreneurs are trying to capitalize on this opportunity by selling cell phones with huge number pads and Internet sites with big characters to a niche whose annual income is estimated at around USD 50 billion (and bound to be multiplied by 10 until 2050) – one of the pioneers is Jialantu, a company based in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen, which has developed a mobile phone tailor-made for seniors. phone.gif
Then there are the online shops catering for the elderly ( Even the leading search engine (Baidu) is offering a special website for senior citizens, featuring larger font sizes and allowing users to navigate mainly by clicking rather than typing.