A positive carbon city

Chinese cities march on towards eco-friendliness!

After the much-touted project of Dongtan (now rumored to be a fiasco), it is now the turn of Baoding – a 1 million city, 140 kilometers south of Beijing – to make the news. The city is now the fastest-growing hub of solar, wind, and biomass energy-equipment makers in China. It counts more than 200 renewable energy companies and these eco-firms are soon to weigh as much as more traditional industries. The marketing-savvy mayor even came up with the slogan “Positive carbon city” as the carbon saved annually worldwide through the use of equipment made in Baoding outweighs the city’s own emissions.

The good news is that the eco-friendly trend seems to be growing. Chinese factories produce a third of the world’s solar cells and China will soon lead the world in wind turbines. Added to the desire to become the leader in electric cars and China may well be on track to achieve its target to have a proportion of renewables in the country’s energy mix of 20% by 2020, akin to Europe.