Techno [cratic] [logy]

Ever heard of McWiLL? Probably not… and maybe you won’t even need to. McWiLL, which stands for multi-carrier wireless internet local loop, is a Chinese wireless technology that was recently annointed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to comete against WiMAX.

Launched a few years ago, the technology has not really made it to the market and it’s not sure that the recent government endorsement will provoke any change in the technology’s trajectory. More mature and widely deployed technologies offer strong resistance to technocratic technologies – note that it has already been sold to Sri Lanka, South Africa and Mongolia.

Such a pattern of “domestic technology adopted by a national champion and supported by the government” is well-established and manages to occupy small market niches on a regular basis. It is not bound to stop, unless the tight nexus of research-firm-government flies apart, which does seem to be on the horizon.