The invisible [.kp] attacks

According to the Guardian North Korea is suspected to have perpetrated a series of cyber-attacks on South Korean and American websites, including the Pentagone and the White House.

This may come as a surprise to those who thought Internet hadn’t reached the Hermit Kingdom. In fact the country-level domain name [.kp] was officially created in September 2007 and as of today it is rather difficult to find a website inside North Korea accesible from “the outside” – it is actually not clear as to what exists: a giant Intranet called Kwangmyong is supposed to offer browser, mail and news capabilities.

So is a cyber-attack from North Korea plausible? Probably not without the help of Chinese - collaboration already exists on the development of a firewall – or South Koreans supporter of the North.

P.S.: It looks like you can count the sites with a [kp]  extension on one hand. Even Naenara ( IP address points to a German location…