Ever heard of Chongqing?

Not only is Chongqing allegedly the biggest city in the world (with more than 32 million inhabitants), it now has a significant ambition in building an industrial park for 3G. The Chongqing government has just announced plans to build the first “RMB100 billion* output” 3G mobile phone industrial park in western China.

The Chongqing industrial park will focus on circuit chip manufacturing, mobile phone manufacturing and mobile phone design for their domestically-developed 3G standard (TD-SCDMA). The industrial park is expected to produce 30 million 3G mobile phones in 2015. But competition from other industrial zones will be tough: China’s three telecommunication operators announced they will set up a TD-SCDMA park in Zhejiang province before 2011.

Although these grand plans may raise doubts in terms of their feasibility or pledged investment one has to remember that a big part of China’s economic devlopment took place in special economic zones (SEZs) during the 1980s with the success we know…

*Around USD 14 billion