Is China an information society?

ITU just released a report measuring the information society. A few points stand out:- China started offering fibre-to-the-home FTTH: with 1.5% fiber-connected households, the country ranks 11th in the world;
- By the end of 2008, more than 20% of Chinese used the Internet and the country reported over 1.5 million local websites;
- On the ICT development index (IDI), China still figures in the medium segment, with countries like Indonesia, Cuba or Albania;
Source: ITU (2009)
- In 2007, China had 27 fixed-phones per 100 inhabitants, 41 mobile phones per 100 inhabitants and 22% of households with access to the Internet (doubled in 5 years).

For sure, the strategy “build it and they will come” – aka the Korean model – seems to be working when it comes to rolling out fiber. But the government still have plenty of work to go, starting with e-government. The numerous “golden” projects to make China a knowledge economy didn’t really hold their promises and for a country with 600 million mobile phone users, “only” 120 million access the Internet via their mobile phone.