High-tech misery

A new report by the National Labor Committee depicts the harsh conditions of Chinese workers who assemble the machines we are working from… that is if you are using keyboards and other peripherals from HP, Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft or IBM.

The study was conducted in a factory – Meitai Plastics & Electronics – located in the South of China and employing 2000 workers. The statistics are rather appalling: workers sit on hard woodenstools twelve hours a day, seven days a week as 500 computer keyboards an hour move down the assembly line or one every 7.2 seconds. They are allowed 1.1 seconds to snap each key into place, repeating the same operation 3,250 times an hour, 35,750 times a day, 250,250 times a week and over one million times a month….

A number of NGOs across the world have been shedding light on this issue for the past few years. Isn’t it time for us consumers to ask for corporate social responsiblity to be globalized?

2 thoughts on “High-tech misery

  1. laurent

    There is a gap here for sure. We need to be able to retrieve information on the fabrication process of these. There are experiments where you use your mobile phone to scan a product and retrieve all the needed data. I just can’t see that available anytime soon because many suppliers will probably fight against such a system.

    A “workipedia” with chinese workers reporting their misfortune themselves could work?

  2. jaime

    Laurent, você está escrevendo de forma muito difícil de se entender.
    Os chineses que se dizem comunistas ou socialistas, escravizam seus trabalhadores e seu povo de forma única no mundo globalizado de hoje em dia.
    a matéria sobre o assunto pode ser vista no link abaixo.
    É necessário repensar a existência, a semelhança dos direitos universais da criança e do adolescente, legislação universal dos direitos do trabalhador, para que nivele-se a qualidade mínima de humanidade para com essa massa gigante de empregados que no fundo, praticamente, todos nós somos, sempre somos empregados de alguém. Acho que é uma tarefa para a ONU.

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