China's zombie IP addresses

You may have read that one of the leading spam gang was shut down earlier this month (after all, the FTC had received more than three million complaints). That’s the good news. The bad news is that it had no significant effect on the total amount of spam sent out since…
Did you ever wonder were all the spam was coming from? According to Spamhaus, China ranks second after the United States in the number of open current spam issues. China is also a top location for zombie IP addresses – Germany has the fastest rate of zombie IP address turnover, at approximately 79% per day and China is a close second at 78% per day. spam1.jpg
The problem of zombie IP addresses is compounded by the fact that over 55% of the world’s zombies have a lifespan of a single day, when using IP address as the identifier for each zombie. In order to hide their existence from static black lists, zombies are continuously requesting new IP addresses.