China's Internet will be short of IP addresses… soon

The Internet in China may soon run out. According to the China Internet Network Information Center, under the current allocation speed, China’s IPv4 address resources can only meet the demand of 800+ more days and if no proper measures are taken by then, new Chinese netizens will not be able to gain normal access to the Internet.

At present, most of the networks in China use IPv4 addresses and 80% of the final allocation IP addresses have been used. The new IPv6 network address, only used among educational websites in China, could come to the rescue but it would require network operators need to spend a lot of time and money on equipment updating. The National Development and Reform Committee (NDRC) announced 2 months ago that IPv6 would be an upgrade rather than an overhaul – the agency aims to have the IPv6 Internet reach over 500,000 Internet users by the end of 2010.

P.S.: During the Beijing Olympics, IPv6 had its inaugural test run, transmitting live Olympics events to broadcasting and video streaming systems over the Internet. In addition, many different types of technologies and applications compatible with IPv6 were launched during the Games, including fixed and mobile broadband technologies, such as GSM/EDGE, WiFi/WiMAX, TD-SCDMA, high-definition TV, virtual private networks (VPN), leased lines, narrow and broadband-access, mobile ticketing, streaming video and mobile TV advertising