Red Cross Society of China Launches Official Mobile Site

chinamobi.jpg In response to the May 2008 Sichuan earthquake, dotMobi [the company behind the .mobi Internet domain name for locating content that works on mobile phones] has collaborated with the Red Cross Society of China (RCSC) to create a mobile Web site at mobile Web site allows the RCSC to ensure information on supporting relief efforts for earthquake victims reaches the widest possible audience. With more than 600 million mobile users (at least 3 times more than PC-based Internet users), mobile phones are (and will remain for some time) the de facto media to communicate in China. Mobile Web sites are also receiving increased attention from governments and businesses due to the improvement of mobile Internet content.
P.S.: The .mobi domain name seems to have gained more popularity in China than in any other country. China has registered 80,000 .mobi domain names, accounting for 10% of the worldwide total. .mobi has become even hotter on the black market, where eventually sold for US$22,500, substantially more than the initial RMB450 (US$64) registration fee. In fact, the popularity of .mobi is now second only to .com.