Free Mobile Access to Beijing Games [in China]

“Techno-colonial” spheres of influence?
Source: Telegent Systems
With all the buzz around the launch of 3G in China (remember there is a standard war waged between TD-SCDMA, CDMA-2000 and W-CDMA) it may come as a surprise that most Chinese will not tune in to some form of digital mobile-TV broadcasts. Rather, they will receive “backward” analog signals.
Some 25 million phones equipped with analog mobile TV (around 15% of all handset sales in 2008) are already supposed to be on the market. They will provide some interesting competition to the digital mobile TV technology launched for the Olympic Games – a homegrown system known as China Multimedia Mobile Broadcasting mixing satellite (to cover rural areas) and terrestrial signals.  For the time being, the competition between analog and digital is biased. First, there is no satellite broadcasting the signal as some players moved out of the project. Second, CMMB-based handsets won’t probably be ready in time for the Olympics (instead consumers will pick up CMMB signals to watch the Games on portable media players or by adding a USB dongle to a notebook. Third, the Chinese government has failed to settle on one single mobile-TV standard. Last but not least analog mobile TV provides consumers with a free and easy-to-use way of watching the same news, sports and other programming that consumers receive on their TV sets at home. The game is on!

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