Do cyber-demonstration(s) matter?

rsr.jpg Reporter Without Borders is not diminishing their pressure on the Chinese government: you can now be part of a cyber-demonstration in front of the Bird’s Nest (the Olympic Stadium) together with other netizens.
Isn’t the blue sky a bit unrealistic?
In a related “media coup”, RSF used a “low-tech media” pulling off a 20-minute clandestine radio broadcast (here) through miniaturised FM transmitters and antennas. The programme, in English, French and Mandarin, was heard in on 104.4 FM in different districts of Beijing.While RSF and other NGOs efforts to pressure China on improving its record on human rights certainly go down well on their own constituencies (mostly outside of China), I wonder how effective they are and whether they do not take a risk of antagonizing Chinese citizens to the point that the initial (highly commendable) cause gets lost.

P.S.: One could also regret that RSF does not give more choice to the Netizens when it comes to the kind of message you can put in front of the stadium – one has only 5 messages to choose from… so much for freedom of expression!