Web-based role-playing game to learn…Chinese

Ever wanted to learn Chinese? If so, rush to Zon!

To make sure that you get the real feel for China, your avatar first arrives as a tourist in Beijing Airport’s Customs zone (I must have been unlucky since each time I arrived it was a bit more crowded than in the game). You will then move on to the airport’s lobby, to the hotel lobby and finally to the streets! At the different stages, players encounter quests, have access to learning materials — including live Chinese tutors — and are able to organize and participate in social activities. The game even comes with some kind of traditional Chinese music.


The overall goal for the player is to fare well and advance socially and economically, with players moving from “tourists” to “residents” and finally to “citizens” of modern China – note that becoming a Chinese citizen is a rare feat for foreigners and usually a great honour. Let’s hope that the developers enhance the game to include a trip to the Olympic Stadium or to Lhassa…