Power [cyber] games

According to Akamai, China and the USA lead the worlds as the the two biggest sources of Internet traffic attack (with respectively 17% and 14% of overall DDoS and hacking attempts). This is not too surprising since both countries have the largest number of Internet users – more interesting though is Taiwan’s 3rd place. The statistics seem to be confirmed by a recent study which found that more than half of the hacker attacks on computer systems of South Korea’s government and public agencies came from China. Similarly Indian officials claimed that the Chinese were constantly scanning and
mapping India’s official networks.

Some [conspiracy theorists] went as far as arguing that China’s attacks may be responsible for two major power blackouts in Florida and the Northeast. While there has never been any official government accusation of China involvement in the outages, its role is not explicitly ruled out.

According to US cyber-experts “what makes the Chinese stand out is the pervasive and relentless nature of the attacks”. China’s military history is one of asymetric warfare. Waging cyber-warfare is simply adapting to current practices as, for sure, they are not alone playing that game.