Green mobility redux

Chinese telecommunication operators are continuing on their green track. At a recent eco-friendly conference, China Mobile announced that it aims to reduce its electricity consumption by 40% in 2010 (from 2005). 73% of CM’s electricity is consumed by the 200,000 base stations across China. This measure comes on top of the recycling centers already installed and projects to develop solar power in base stations and telecommunication centers.

The eco-friendly technologies are provided by Nokia, Ericsson, Alcatel and Huawei. Nokia’s solution for 5’000 metropolitan base stations is expected to reduce as much as 73,000 tons of CO2 emissions a year – equivalent to the emission of 21,000 cars. By putting parts of the network not being used on standby mode, Ericsson announces 10 to 20% energy-savings per base station.

But then you hear about Huawei. The company claims that energy consumption of the equipment itself accounts for only 40% of operators’ total cost of ownership, the remaining 60% coming from air conditioners and other equipment. Their intelligent cooling uses fresh air as an alternative to air conditioning, a system that could save 30 to 70% of electricity. So much for high-end technology…