A Chinese computer for USD 200?

While MIT’s Negroponte and Intel’s Otellini wage their battle for a USD 100 laptop (aka XO vs. Classmate) a Chinese company has announced plans to market PCs costing less than USD 200 in the Philippines. Lenovo – the leading Chinese PC manufacturer - is hoping to establish a foothold in the market with low-cost, entry-level PCs before pushing its full line of products there.

Even if the success is not assured, Lenovo’s PC could prove a serious rival to the laptops. Because of insufficient demand, the XO currently sells for USD 188 and the Classmate for USD 350 (with an installed version of Microsoft Office). Moreover a number of countries have always been very critical of the USD 100 computer from the outset. India even unveiled plans 3 years ago to develop its own low-cost desktop (Mobilis).

P.S.: Lenovo also unveiled a USD 260 PC for Chinese farmers. It doesn’t come with a mouse or a keyboard. Instead, the box comes with a handwriting recognition pad