Mobile message from the grave

A month ago the mother of Chen, who lived in a village in Anzhuang, Feicheng, Shandong Province died. As a filial son, Chen bought a Nokia to bury with her. He made sure the phone was charged, and he installed the phone chip his mother had used while she was alive. This symbolized that he could contact his mother in heaven any time he wished.

A few days ago, Chen accidentally dialed his mother’s phone number, which was still stored in his own mobile phone. He heard a busy signal. Thinking he had mis-dialed, he called again, and the line was still busy. Chen broke out into a cold sweat. He made an inquiry at the mobile company the following day. And found that the mobile phone had racked up a month’s worth of charges after his mother had died.

After they made a report to the Anzhuang station of the Feicheng PSB, an investigation started. The phone’s call record showed that a certain Mr. Sun, a 62-year-old villager, was the prime suspect in the case. In the face of iron-clad evidence, Sun bowed his head and admitted his guilt. He confessed to digging up the grave, stealing the mobile phone and making use of it.

Source: Qilu Evening News