A cyber cold war?

Despite Beijing’s claims that it opposes and strictly prohibits any criminal activities through cyberspace, some doubts remain on its true intention. A recent report on global cyber security has accused China of taking the lead in cyber spying: in the last three months, attacks from China on military computer systems have almost tripled in the United States.

 Attacks even seem to be targeting the private sector. The Director-General of MI5 sent a confidential letter to 300 chief executives and security chiefs at banks, accountants and legal firms in the UK warning them that they were under attack from “Chinese state organisations. Both Rolls Royce and BP are said to have discovered viruses of Chinese government origin that were uploading vast quantities of industrial secrets to Internet servers in China.

Will these cyber-attacks escalate to a level of confrontation reminiscent of the USA-USSR Cold War? What an irony if the Berlin Wall is replaced by the Beijing firewall!